New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

In the midst of all the chaos of holiday planning and shopping, I somehow always end up forgetting about buying a New Year’s outfit until the last minute. Not this year! I’ve made it a priority to be ahead of the game and while I’m hunting for the perfect outfit, I’ve compiled a list of all my favorite looks I’ve found for you ladies with party plans! All of these are from my fave store of course, and that means they can ship free in 2 days, for those out there who put this off also.

I would die for these pants.

You can always find me oohing and ahhing over any romantic top. I love the ruching, lace, and ties on this bodysuit!

Love a sheer black top, always, and the front of this one does not disappoint! Great to pair with black or leather pants and heels!

Such a fun color bodysuit and pairs great with leather pants.

This is one of the more pricey options but I am swooning over this mini dress!

Feathery, shiny, LBD…what more could you ask for on NYE?!

Love that this isn’t the typical black or sequined dress. Such a gorgeous color and flattering fit!

I am so obsessed with this look and if I my legs weren’t so long, I’d be buying this dress for sure haha

Be unique with this jewel toned, feathery dress.

This giant bow and the detailing on this mini dress are just stunning!

Definitely a splurge but like, have you ever seen anything more perfect for New Years?!

Cute and comfy, this bodysuit can be worn so many times again! Easy to dress up with jeans, jewelry, and heels!

Another option that you’ll get a lot of use out of, and can be dressed up or down! Love a good basic cami with a slight twist.

Cheers! Mackenzie

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What to Wear to: Holiday Party

Your office party, your friend’s party, your boyfriend’s office party, the charity event you’re going to next weekend…the holiday season is jam packed with events to dress up for. I’m rounding up my favorite looks to make an entrance, wherever you’re heading to celebrate next! *All items are linked in blue under the pics.

Tops and Statement Pants

One & Two (obsessed with the belt too) / Three & Four / Five & Six / Seven & Eight

Make a statement in some statement pants and a festive top! All of these can be dressed up even more with some fancy heels, belts, and jewelry. Or, dressed down with a simple flat and a power pony.


One / Two / Three / Four

Always here for a bomb jumpsuit moment. Feeling like you’re in your pjs all night, all while rocking a festive look, is a total win in my book.


One (love this with over the knee black boots) / Two / Three (would be so fun with sparkly shoes) / Four / Five (great for more formal events) / Six / Seven (would look so cute with sheer black tights)

And of course, couldn’t forget a shiny or sparkly dress option. Perfect for every different holiday this season, I’ve included several universally flattering pieces that can easily be made slightly casual or more formal.


One (perfect reviews) / Two (such a staple wardrobe piece) / Three (got these for a wedding, so comfy) / Four (live for a good all black look with a statement shoe)

Cheers! Mackenzie

Little Kid’s Gifts by Age

As a nanny and the oldest of 8 kids, I thought this was naturally the most fitting gift guide I could put out for you guys. I worked really hard on this one and tried to remember what toys were actually played with most at each age by the kids I’ve worked with, so I’m really excited about this for you guys! I’ve broken it down to categories by age, from newborn to 6, for the cute nieces and nephews, friend’s kids, or even your own kids you just need some fresh ideas for. *all items are linked in blue under their photos

My first gift I’m including is actually for any age, up to 16! It’s a subscription to Kiwi Co, which is a monthly delivery service that ships you art and science projects for kids based on their age! Such a thoughtful and educational gift, and only $13.33/month right now. (This one is super awesome for babies especially)

0-18 months

Wooden Phone – $19 Teething Banana Toothbrush – $7 Balls, Blocks, and Buddies – $20 Music Toy – $9 Crawl Explore Toy – $25


Name Puzzle – $30 Cleaning Set – $24 Convertable Tricycle – $69 First LEGO Kit – $35 Slide– $32


Personalized Capes – $25 Career Dress Up Set – $44 Elf on a Shelf – $30 Coffee Maker Set – $14 Teeter Ball Pit – $30 Snack Shack Playhouse – $140 Frozen LEGO Set -$33 Marvel LEGO Set – $32 Kid ’s Smart Watch – $60

Cheers! Mackenzie

The Ultimate Guide to Visiting New York City at Christmas

A trip to New York City is always magical, but it’s a little extra magical during the holidays. From the moment the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade ends, the city transforms into one giant Christmas display. From the spectacular trees, to the store front displays, and the never ending ice skating rinks, the entire city is a winter wonderland. As a New Yorker, I’ve created the perfect guide to make the most out of your next trip to the city during the holiday season! I’ve included all the touristy spots, and the things that I, as a local, think are extra special.

One piece of advice before I begin my guide, is to remember that it will be crowded, no matter where you are or when you are there. Now my tips for avoiding this (see pic above) is to never go during the afternoon on a Saturday or Sunday. Try waking up extra early for any touristy areas, especially if you want pics. Tuesday and Wednesday are also going to be the least crowded as many people add on a day to create a long weekend and will have left by then.

A great way to make the most of your time in NYC, at any time of the year, is to plan out your days. The city is so massive and you can spend an entire day just in one neighborhood and still not see everything. When I have family or friends in town for the holidays, (or let’s be real, when I just want to go to do Christmas things, which is often) I always set out to see everything in this order as to make the most of my time at each spot, and spend minimum time commuting to places. A great general place to start is Bryant Park (above). There’s a Christmas Market with tons of cute shopping, an ice skating rink, and sweet treats and holiday drinks.

Ice skating: there are so many rinks around the city. While Rockefeller Center will be the most crowded, they really all will be all season, especially on weekends. There are many other rinks, including in Wollman in Central Park, and of course the rink in Bryant Park.

From Bryant Park, you can easily walk over to Grand Central Station. Grand Central is always beautiful and no matter how many times I go inside, I’m always taken aback by it’s massiveness and beauty. It is extra special during the holidays with giant wreaths throughout, and a holiday market inside.

Holiday Markets: the city is full of fun little markets during the holidays where you can pick up goodies and gifts. In addition to the village in Bryant Park and the market in Grand Central, there are also markets in the East Village, Bliss Plaza in Midtown, inside the Oculus, and Columbus Circle.

From here you can walk to Radio City Music Hall to see the giant and popularly photographed Christmas ornaments. Then, take a stroll down 5th Ave and explore all the ornate window displays. Barney’s, Macy’s, and of course Sak’s, as well as tons of smaller stores (make sure to walk by Cartier and Tiffany’s) will have tons of lit up and extravagant displays (and are great stops to do some Christmas shopping and take a break from the cold!). If you are really looking to go all out and aren’t intimidated by intense crowds, Sak’s display with the full lights and music at night is very worth it.

Shows: as always, when in NYC, seeing a show is a must. While here during the holidays, stop by The Nutcracker or the Radio City Rockettes (still on my city bucket list but I’ve heard so many great things!)

From here you can turn around and you’ll be right at Rockefeller Center! The window displays continue as you walk through the over-the-top decorations and harking angels while making your way up to the tree and skating rink! If you’re lucky enough to get in, (you should pre-book well in advance online) this skating rink is the most worth your time in my opinion. They try to keep it slightly less crowded on the rink and the views around you make it worth it all on their own. You can packages to The Rockettes that come with skating passes online!

If you want to continue with the picturesque displays, you HAVE to stop by Rolf’s. This German Restaurant and Bar goes every type of all out for Christmas. The ceiling is completely lined with ornaments and every inch, I mean EVERY, is decorated floor to ceiling. If you want to actually stay to eat, I suggest calling for a reservation as there is never not a line down the street and it is almost always fully booked. If just stopping in for a drink and a picture (no one will judge you, everyone’s doing it), I for sure suggest going before 5 on a weekday or before 3 on weekends (slipping the doorman a $20 will get you in also).

Picture Perfect: if you’re in search of a photo-op, I also would recommend visiting some hotels. The Plaza, The Peninsula, Lotte Palace, Gramercy Park and The Standard are all amazing hotels during the holidays. If you aren’t staying in them, you can definitely still stop in to see the amazing displays, trees, and even grab a drink or two to stay warm!

To end your adventurous day with a fun night, you can make a stop at one, or several, of the cities many Christmas themed bars! I have a fun post listing tons for a Christmas Themed Bar Crawl, as well as the best drink to get at each, and time to visit them!

Hope this guide helps take you through your New York City holiday adventures!

Cheers! Mackenzie

Gift Exchange Ideas

Perfect for White Elephant or Secret Santa, I’ve put together a guide for your next holiday gift exchange! All gifts are under $40 and things that I personally have given or use and love myself.

You can never go wrong with gifting games, and this one is so funny. The first time I played I was literally in tears from laughing so hard. A drawing version of the whispering game telephone, this is sure to be a hit. Telestrations – $24

I don’t know if it’s the Brooklyn in me or what, but I love some good French pressed coffee on a Saturday morning. French Press – $25

Karaoke anyone? This is sure to be a hit! A wireless mic that can change your voice and connect to karaoke apps. Microphone – $30

Recently tried out one of these after not really thinking much of them but WOW! They feel amazing and really depuff your face. Ice Roller – $13

Everyone wants their coffee to stay hot all morning, regardless of how many times they forget their mug in the other room. Hydro Flask Mug – $30

I’d be fighting hard for this in a gift exchange haha. Two Champagne Bongs – $35

If you’ve never played this game, it’s a must!!! Such a great idea for family game night, this settlement game is highly competitive and so entertaining. Catan – $26

Kitchen Appliances can be found useful by anyone, and this mini waffle maker is too cute to pass up on. Mini Waffle Maker – $10

If you’ve ever read any of my beauty posts, you know I love this stuff. Such a great gift for any girl, no matter her taste. Lip Gloss and Mask Set – $18

Cheers! Mackenzie

Giving Back During the Holidays

The season for giving and receiving is upon us, and while we feel great gifting presents to our loved ones, it is much too often that we forget those who are alone, hungry, and without gifts this month.

This year, start a wonderful new family tradition to start to remind yourselves that with all that you are blessed to have, it’s so important that you always give back to others who aren’t as fortunate.

I’ve compiled a list of my favorite organizations where you can donate food, clothing, toys, and your time, both this holiday season, and year round.


Donating clothes is easy to do, regardless of where you live! I clean out my closet about once a season, and am not at all the person who hangs onto things I don’t deem necessary. If I haven’t reached for it this year, odds are I’m not going to in the next year! I LOVE to use thredUP to send in bags of my gently used and in style clothes. They’ll go through and purchase some to resell (they’re the worlds largest online thrift shop), and donate or recycle the rest!

Another clothing option is one that is specific to helping people further their careers. Dress for Success is a non profit where you can donate gently used office-attire to women in need.

Donate old baby items or purchase new baby gear through Room to Grow.

You can donate coats, or $20 to help buy coats for New Yorkers through a New York Cares Coat Drive.


Rescuing Leftover Cuisine is an organization where leftover meals are picked up from events, and delivered to those in need. You can volunteer, under an hour a week, to help pick up and drop off food to help those in need this season. Additionally, you can schedule a pickup following your next office party or holiday event that you’re hosting, to donate your leftover food!


Don’t forget to not only offer up old belongs, but new ones too if you’re able. So many people out there have so little, and deserve new items as well. In addition, your time is one of the most valuable gifts you have to give. Look up your local soup kitchen to serve food, a women’s shelter to help out in, or local group that helps the needy in your community.

Make this season of giving, not just about getting.

Cheers! Mackenzie

The Gift of Experience

From the very beginning of our relationship, Kenny and I have always given each other tickets to events for all our birthdays, anniversaries, and Christmas gifts to each other. Sure, a new shirt is nice and it’s the thought that counts, by why not give it just a little extra thought? What’s that band they’ve been dying to hear live? Or their favorite team they wish they could splurge on tickets to see play? I’ve listed out some experiences I’ve previously gifted or have been gifted and who they’d work well for. All you need is a quick web search for the latest events near you, and you’re set!

Concerts– Do you have a band you bonded over? Know their favorite singer is coming into town? Kenny got me Kacey Musgraves tickets that were for a show that wasn’t for 3 months, but it was so exciting when I got them, and then I got to be excited all over again the day of the concert! So sweet for a close friend or your significant other.

Sporting Events– Sports are my guy’s entire world, so this one is just a given for me. If you have a guy that spends every Sunday watching all the football games, change it up with a surprise to see his favorite team one weekend! Basketball games are so fun ladies, and an event a lot celebrities and high end fashion people will be at (my favorite part is dressing for them of course haha). This one is a no brainer for the men in your life, and a great gift for dads too!

Shows– Wanting to see the latest play on Broadway? Watch stand up comedy on Netflix in their free time? Shows are such a fun gift for both the person receiving them, and you if you’re tagging along! This year I got tickets to see Jerry Seinfeld for Kenny’s Christmas gift. After being forced to watch 1,000 episodes of Seinfeld and listening to his stand up half our our road trip through Europe last May, it just seemed perfect, and his reaction to getting them was SO worth it. Broadway tickets would be my ideal gift (I was a theater nerd in high school) so hint hint at any of my friends reading this. Great for any friend, or family member!

A Weekend Getaway– This is a great gift, especially for a mom who needs time away from her kiddos, or your boyfriend who spends way too much time working. Plan a weekend trip somewhere that’s drivable distance, unplug and unwind at a B&B, or an upscale resort if that’s more your scene!

Cheers! Mackenzie

Hostess Gifts

Tis the season for holiday parties galore and visiting family and friends. If you’re the kind of gal who never shows up empty handed, I have the perfect guide for you! These gifts are great to bring to any party you attend this season, but also work as a present for any lady who loves a good home find. Best of all, all are under $70!

Christmas Themed

One / Two / Three / Four

Sips and Brews

One / Two / Three / Four

Table Accessories

One / Two / Three / Four

Cheers! Mackenzie

For Him Gifts

So excited for my first gift guide of the season! Last year I started blogging right at Christmas, and this was by far my favorite collection of posts I have written since. I’ve always been a huge gift giver, it’s my love language, and I love to give people unusual and personal gifts no one else would think of. My first gift guide is for the men in your life. Not only great for your significant other, but for friends or brothers too! Full of everything from personal to useful to hilarious items.

Gifts to Wear

Perfect shoe for the guy who wishes he could wear sneakers to work everyday, when you wish he’d at least try to be a little trendy. Cole Haan Sneakers – $90

We all know the guy who cares about what he looks like, but still wears the jackets his mom bought him back in high school. So practical, and stylish all in one! Weather Proof Patagonia -$169

My favorite gift I’ve ever given, so sleek for a smart watch and will be used everyday. Fossil Watch – on sale! $179

Every guy wants to be comfortable while still looking good. Lululemon Joggers – $128

Funny Gifts

What’s better than your bf/hubby wearing socks with your face on them? Absolutely nothing. Thinking of getting a pair with my face for every member of my family haha. Face Socks – $16

I couldn’t stop laughing when I found this. No other words necessary. Toilet Putting – $10

We all know our guys are reaching for girly spiked seltzer’s, so why not get them something that not only keeps them cold, but makes them look slightly more manly. Brumate – $22

Every time I walk into my boyfriend’s bathroom I’m disgusted by the never ending beard trimmings. So genius. Beard Cape – $9

Practical Gifts

I got Kenny this monogrammed travel toiletries bag for Christmas last year and he loved it way more than I was expecting, and has gotten great use out of it! Such amazing quality as well. Dopp Kit – $40

Such a good gift for your dad, brother, or hubby. Now they can ask for the weather to be read out loud, blast music in their living room, and even ask Alexa ridiculous questions when they’re bored. Echo – $99

The perfect compliment to any guy who is tech obsessed and owns a smart speaker. Now they can use their voice to control every room. Smart Light Bulbs – $43

Perfect for your whiskey loving man, or that guy friend who still uses plastic cups. Whiskey Glasses and Stones – $39


Such a great gift for the guy friend who is always having everyone over! What Do You Meme? – $29

Such a fun game if you’ve never played! Great for your yard, the park, or the beach! And a hit wherever it’s brought out. Spikeball Set – $40

Because let’s be honest, grilling is an Olympic sport in your dad’s eyes. Grill Tool Kit – $26

Cheers! Mackenzie

Blazer Roundup

I’m so not ready to let go of fall, and with it, I’m holding onto my favorite part of the season, blazers. One of the most classic pieces of any wardrobe, blazers are timeless and create a boss babe statement, no matter the occasion. And let’s be honest, under my huge puffer coats, I’ll probably continue wearing blazers all winter long and back into the spring.

I’m rounding up all of my favorite blazers, in hopes that they can add some long term, classic pieces to update your wardrobe!

The gallery is listed in order from cheapest, to most expensive, and can be shopped via the blue links below to pics!

Row 1: Classic Black – $50 Belted – $60 Velvet – $99 Row 2: Long Check – $99 Structured Black – $99 Gigham Long Blazer – $129 Row 3: Plaid – $129 Black Plaid – $139 Check Boyfriend – $148

Current number 1 on my wish list. Such a staple closet piece, this tan oversized blazer will be used for years. And not to mention, will be a great contrast piece for my infinite all black outfits. $90

What would this roundup be with a leather piece right now? Such a fun and trend piece. Great for a night out or to wear over a holiday party look! $99

This red blazer is so vibrant and the perfect piece for the holiday season. I adore the structure and it’s a great length. $228

This blazer is absolutely stunning, and so on trend with the mixing of patterns. Love the removable belt as well. $258

Cheers! Mackenzie