Meet the Parents

As Thanksgiving and the holiday season approach, the time of year for visiting relatives comes too! For many in new relationships, this means it’s time to go home with your significant other and meet the parents. Duh dunn duh. This can one a ton of pressure, but hopefully figuring out the perfect look to wear will help ease up some nerves.

Whether it’s the first time you’re meeting your bf’s family, or just the first time you’re going to their home for a holiday, I’m here to help you look the part! The most important thing here is to make sure you’re both comfortable and that you stay true to who you are (both in your style and how you act). Sure, if your style is crop tops and mini skirts with stilettos, you may want to change up your look for the day, but don’t compromise your personality to try and impress anyone, ever!

Nordstrom is having an amazing sale right now and all of the pieces I’ve included are a part of it!

Suede Jacket Slouchy Tee Skinny Jeans Black Booties

Color Block Sweater Patchwork Sweater Black Jeans Black Booties

Sweater Dress Knee High Boots

Square Neck Sweater Pants Booties

Cheers! Mackenzie

Sephora Sale

The Holiday Bonus Sephora Sale is about to begin and ladies, it’s a good one. Once a year, Sephora holds this huge sale before Black Friday. It’s the perfect way to stock up on makeup and beauty products for yourself if you were planning to stock up before the year ends, or as gifts for the upcoming holidays. Even brands that don’t normally go on sale, like Drunk Elephant and Charlotte Tilbury are part of it! All you need to do to shop is be a Sephora insider, which is free to sign up for! If you’re a VIB or Insider you can shop November 7-11. VIB members get 15% off and Insiders get 10% off with code HOLIDAYSAVE.

I’ve linked all the gift sets that include my favorite products that I use daily, perfect for presents for your fave gal pals or stocking stuffers! And there are so many more to browse from here as well.

Gift Sets

Summer Friday’s Set – My all time favorite skin care products, the perfect starter pack to try out the brand!

Laneige Lip Set – This lip mask is my life saver in the winter and I’ve been dying to try out the gloss.

Kerastase Shine Set – I’ve been using this hair serum for almost a year now!

Fresh Sugar Lip Kit – Always my go-to chapstick.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Set – The most perfect, looks good on everyone, lipstick, in a set with matching lipliner.

Living Proof Dry Shampoo Set – Everyone’s holy grail dry shampoo with a bonus mini!

My Daily Make Up

I also wanted to link all of my daily make up and skin care products I’m currently using, most of which don’t regularly go on sale!

Foundation – I use shade 5 warm and love the full, all day coverage!

Concealer – Just started trying this out as I’m just not on board with the Shape Tape train like everyone else seems to be. I’m shade 3 fair.

Powder – One of the very few products I have used to the bottom and purchased time and time again! I use shade medium and love this over my under-eye concealer.

Bronzer and Highlighter – Talk about a glow! Love the bronzer especially, my palette is medium/dark.

Mascara – Big and Bold!

Drug store Mascara 1 and 2 – I always combine and layer mascaras, and these two are my favorites on the cheaper end. They compliment each other so well for long, yet voluminous lashes.

Daily Skin Care

Jet Lag Mask – Life. Changing. I have super dry skin since living in NYC and I use this every day as my morning moisturizer/primer! Also, so good for refreshing your under eyes by wearing a thick layer on them overnight.

The Best Exfoliater Ever – Safe on my super sensitive skin, and smells like pumpkins. I use this in the shower twice a week and have seen a drastic change in my skin’s smoothness and brightness.

Vitamin C Serum – Been loving this new product every morning to help with uneven skin tone.

Lip Mask – Use this every night, especially in winter!

Happy Holidays and happy shopping!

Cheers! Mackenzie

Croc it Like it’s Hot

It’s probably the most obvious trend out there as of late, and I still have yet to hop on board. Animal print is everywhere and it’s obviously not going away any time soon. I have yet to buy one leopard sweater and just can’t pull the trigger on snakeskin boots for some reason, but I finally found my animal print you guys. Crocodile embossed leather is where it is at this fall!

Black Work Tote – $128 Black Boots – $70

It’s one of my favorite trends ever as it holds a special place in my heart. My grandmother, who was one of the greatest style icons in my life, always had several croc textured bag in her closet and was always trying to convince me to carry one as well.

I’m so into this trend and can’t wait to fill my closet with it and my heart with memories of my grandma. ❤️

I’ve rounded up my favorite textured pieces, all under $200 (and most under $60!!!) for you guys here. Each piece is linked below the collage in blue. Happy shopping!

Cream Shoulder Bag – $55 Croc Chain Belt – $35 Red Western Bootie – $170 Yellow Mini Bag – $48 Brown Crossbody Bag – $152 Black Flats – $60 Yellow Chloe Dupe – $48 Something Navy Belt – $50 Blue Grey Boots – $180 Green Bag – $48

Cheers! Mackenzie

MY color of the season

The fall fashion week previews told us all about how purple is the new millennial pink, and were filled with pistachio of all colors. Sorry but, I for one, am not on board with dressing like an Easter egg this fall. My favorite part about fashion has always been having the ability to express myself, as simple or trendy as I please. This fall, I’ve decided to pick my own color of the season, and I’ve already found about 50 pieces in it that I’m dying to have. As the stores begin filling with warmer weather clothing, the one thing that keeps catching my eye, everywhere I turn, is the color rust.

Cardigan – $135 Jeans – $78 Sneakers – $95

The orangey-brown hue is on a shelf in every store this season and I can’t wait to get my hands on it and blend in with the autum trees. I’ve picked out some of my favorite pieces so far in rust-like colors to help you start building your fall wardrobe with my new favorite tone of the season, too!

*all items are shopable by clicking the blue links below the photo gallery

Boots – $140 Hat – $80 Utility Jumpsuit – $110 Strap Sandal – $100 Tee – $15 Bag – $40 Belt – $30 Romper – $89 Blouse – $44 Maxi Dress – $75 Blazer – $108 Crew Neck Sweater – $58 Button Up Bodysuit – $198 Pullover Sweater – $148 Cardigan – $135

Cheers! Mackenzie

The Top Trends You’ll be Falling for This Season and Those You Should Avoid

Fall fashion is hitting the shelves and will shortly be filling our closets. I for one am SO on board for some of the big trends we are about to start seeing everywhere and can’t wait to share so you all can be ahead of the game! Relaxed suits, all leather looks, romantic detailing, and high necklines graces the runways back in the spring, while brands showed off the looks for the upcoming season, and honestly, I’m here for all those trends (come on, warmth is where it’s at living in NYC.) Monochrome is having a moment and simplicity is making a much needed comeback (right up my alley!!!)

Blazer / Dad Jeans / White Tee / Sneakers

Everything is getting belted this season (think lots of utility jumpsuits and dresses). The first trend I’m hopping on board with this season is belted blazers. Blazers have obviously been having a moment, but this season, they’re getting some flare. Blazers with built in belts, leather belts over plaid blazers, and chains over solid colored jackets are going to be everywhere come October.

Toss aside all that dainty jewelry you’ve been wearing for the past couple years, because chunky jewelry is making a major appearance this fall. Thick gold chain necklaces and bracelets with bigger, wider earrings will be on every wrist, neck, and earlobe.

Along the lines of the relaxed suits, trousers are the new jeans. I am SO here for this cause like, come on, who doesn’t love total comfort at all times, all while being trendy?!

Knee high boots were on every it girl at NYFW. I’m not talking about your typical-blogger skin-tight suede boots, I mean to the knee, slouchy, and lots leather over here. A big trend is to tuck those flows trousers into your knee high boots as well.

Trends I’m Not Backing:

While the all leather looks were stunning on the runway, I can easily promise I will not be purchasing any knee length leather shorts. Just not for me. Leather jackets galore and maybe some leather skirts are all I’m good for on this trend.

Capes are for superheroes-or the two year that I nanny, when she wants to run “super fast”. I just don’t feel like a normal or attractive human with a cape draped over my shoulders and certainly don’t like the look of these vest-type jacket capes.

Quilting and patchwork also were all over the runway last fashion week. Sorry not sorry, but looking like I belong on grandma’s couch just isn’t my taste or style. I’m sure quilted everything is nice and warm, but I can find warmth in style, not just practicality.

Cheers! Mackenzie

10 Facts About Me

It’s be a hot minute since I’ve written anything about myself, and I thought it was time to change that! Part of this blog is about creating a community and I would love for you to know more about me and to get to know you guys better, too! If you enjoy reading these about me, leave a fun fact about yourself in the comments!

  1. I’m the oldest of 10 kids! Yes, you read that right, ten. I grew up living with my mom and step dad, their 6 children, and my biological brother. My dad has two other kids as well. So I’ve basically been playing little mommy since I could walk!
  2. I love kids, and kids love me. I’ve been nannying since I was in high school and am in my 2nd year with my current family, caring for the spunkiest and prettiest toddler you will ever meet.
  3. I have lived in 17 houses! I was born in Georgia, moved to Texas, then New Mexico, then North Carolina, back to Texas, to Virginia, and finally to New York! This is definitely the source of my constant wanderlust.
  4. Despite the amount of, and different types of places I have lived, New York City is my favorite, by far. I get school-boy-seeing-his-crush kind of excited running about the city at least once a week, and can’t imagine ever leaving it.
  5. I love change. The fact that I have stayed in NYC for 2 years and don’t plan on leaving blows my mind, and everyone who knows me could attest to this. Living in so many different places brought out a constant need for change in me, that I’ve turned into a desire to travel in recent years! Even though I plan to stay in the city, I’m sure my wandering heart will end up living in every different part of it possible.
  6. I went to 3 different high schools, in three different states. This for sure took a toll on me, but I am forever thankful that I now have the ability to make friends in any and every new situation I walk into!
  7. I met my boyfriend in an Uber pool. My all time favorite story to date, and we’re happily still together a year and a half later. You can read our How We Met story here.
  8. I dropped out of college. Surpringly, I am extremely proud of this fact. It wasn’t the right place for me, and not the right timing for me to be there, and I’m forever grateful I left as it got me to where I am now.
  9. In regards to that last fact, I’m currently going back to school! I’m finishing up an associates degree in the city this year and hope to get a Bachelor’s after.
  10. I love fashion (kind of obvious huh?) and am so happy I finally have an outlet to share my outfits and style tips! Nothing makes me happier than consuming my time with planning out looks and writing about trends. Thanks for being here and caring about them!

You can shop this insanely soft dress here.

Cheers! Mackenzie

Best Rooftop Bars in NYC

When I think of New York City in the summer the first thing that comes to mind is rooftop bars (that says a lot about my priorities lol). I remember wanting so badly to find all the coolest, most trendy spots the summer I first moved here, and being stuck when I began trying to search. Any Pinterest result was super basic, touristy, or obviously sponsored with opinions that were clearly not honest. I wanted to create a better resource for people visiting and those new to the city alike.

So, welcome to my thoroughly researched and heavily backed-by-booze guide to NYC rooftops! All of these I have been to BY CHOICE, enjoyed, and had friends join and agree with me. Each bar guide will include level of crowdiness, price, atmosphere, and location. Hope you find this helpful on your boozy adventures!

Things to Rememeber: THIS IS NYC! Everything is expensive no matter where you go. My judgement of prices is based off someone who lives here and has become normalized to it. Reviews for every rooftop are always bad as people can’t be nice and expect the world at their feet when going to an insanely crowded venue, which just isn’t possible. In the summer the city gets miserably hot, up on a rooftop that can get even worse during prime sunny hours. But if you’re willing to spend some cash and get a little sweaty, all of these are worth it.

Refinery Rooftop

Amazing, warm atmosphere and decor. Lots of brick and a bit less of a modern vibe than most rooftops. My favorite part here is that it HAS AC!!! On a Saturday afternoon there was not a terrrible wait, but I would suggest reservations. Lots of bar space to grab a drink while you wait if you come without one, however.

$16-18 cocktails

63 W 38th St in Midtown at Refinery Hotel

Serra at La Birreria

So fun and gorgeous. This is Insta Pic city! Their decor changes with each season and I went in Spring while the flowers were endless and to die for. Staff is slow, but they have fun and sort of different cocktails that were less expensive than I expected with how hyped up it is. Pretty hot in the summer heat. Absolutely need reservations a few days in adavance for the weekends.

$15-16 cocktails

200 5th Ave Floor 14 in Flatiron. Located inside Eataly, head to very back left side and look for a blue wall of plates, then see the staff behind the counter.


Much more of a hip, cool vibe. Very modern and lots of trendy people are throwing parties up here evrytime I’ve gone. Killer Empire State views. Food not so great, eat before hand. Got there right at 2pm on Saturday before without reservation and was seated, but fills up quickly. Pretty packed after work on weekdays, but able to get seats still.

$16-18 cocktails and all have fun, hip names!

71 W 35th St Floor 18 in Midtown (they have a special elevator with a staff member who will let you up)

Restoration Hardware Rooftop

Who doesn’t love drinking on top of a fancy furniture store? The decor here is *obviously* killer and the views aren’t bad either. They don’t take reservations but while you wait you can sit outside under umbrellas and enjoy the view of both the terrace itself and the city. Much fancier vibe, and a bit on the pricier side, than the previously mentioned bars, but a delicious brunch spot.

9 9th Ave in Meatpacking District, 5th Floor of Restoration Hardware

Time Out Market Rooftop

This is such a hidden gem. I’m not exactly sure how this rooftop was so empty in the middle of a Saturday, but I’m so excited I decided to stop by. The market on the first floor of an old Dumbo warehouse is incredible and stocked full of NYC’s best food spots, all in one place. Then, the fifth floor gives you to-die-for views of the skyline and both bridges, all while enjoying a refreshing original cocktail.

$13-14 cocktails

55 Water Street in DUMBO in Brooklyn, 5th floor


St. Cloud

My personal favorite rooftop for a nice view and a causal night in the city. I adore this place as it to me, is much more of a hidden gem and tends to be much less crowded. You can easily walk in on the weeknights and get a spot. The ambiance is so nice and there is a great view of the Empire State Building.

6 Times Square Floor 17 in Midtown in The Knickerbocker Hotel


PHD Terrace

I am only listing this for an option if you are visiting and if you’re looking to party, (the only time I personally would be going here). Much more of a club-like vibe, it’s VERY packed on weekend nights. Insane views of Time Square and the decoration is breathtaking. A little snooty on weeknights and by far the most expensive on my list.

210 W 55th St in Midtown at Dream Hotel

Cheers! Mackenzie

Simple Summer Day to Night

It is summer in the city and that means the heat is here! My favorite thing to throw on to run around the city this season, if it hasn’t already been made clear, is an easy and light romper. My go-to little black romper is on sale for N I N E dollars right now!!! It pairs great with any little belt, some comfy sandals, and a cute pair of sunnies for the day. Then, take this look out at night by throwing on a blazer, ditching the sunnies, and grabbing your favorite pair of summer heals! The perfect versatile, inexpensive, and trendy option for summer.



Black Romper – $7 White Blazer – $35 Belt – $11 Sandals – $50 Strap Sandal Heels – $60

Cheers! Mackenzie

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Activewear Picks

With just 6 days left in the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, I decided to do some digging into the best activewear that is still in stock! Everything from comfy joggers to lounge in, to my all time favorite running shoes (such a deal on these!!!).

Nike Pullover – $40 Alo Moto Leggings – $76 Zella Joggers – $43 Nike Epic React – $112 Alo Airbrush Leggings – $82 Sweaty Betty Crop – $50

Cheers! Mackenzie

Sunday Shoes Week 1

Starting a fun new series on SHOES! Cause if you couldn’t already tell, I truly believe you can never have enough. Every Sunday I’ll be sharing my fave deals of the week on some fabulous footwear finds. This week, I’m sharing my fave store ever, DSW, because all their shoes are 20% with code YAYDAZE through tomorrow. Here are my top picks from the sale! Wearing this as I type. Such a perfect summer staple, and SO comfy, even in the city.

Steve Madden Raffy Sandal – $39.99 with discount

Love that these have a tiny wedge. They are the perfect shoe to go from dresses up, to dresses down for any summer occasion.

Dolce Vita Wedge Sandal – $29 with discount

The perfect summer wedding shoe. These are timeless yet slightly trendy, and will match everything and anything.

Mix No. 6 Heels – $32 with discount

Obsession with yellow continues this summer with these fun block heels. Love the rounded back.

Dolce Vita Rio Sandal – $64 with discount

Chunky sneaks are so in and not to mention insanely comfy, so why not grab a pair while they’re on sale?!

Fila Dad Sneakers – $52 with discount

Gimme all the yellow!!! Not normally a mule gal but totally into these! Such a fun statement piece for summer.

Kelly and Katie Mule – $32 with discount

Call me crazy, but I have been HUNTING for some bright blue heels. Dying to grab these, and they come in over 10 colors if blue is too bold for you!

Marc Fisher Pumps – $48 with discount

Cheers! Mackenzie